A Guide To Generational Wealth

The only course of its kind designed for youth, parents and even grandparents to participate in and learn together!

We offer a 6 session, one of a kind, inter-generational learning experience.The course provides real tools that teach budgeting, investing and passive income strategies with step by step instructions to build wealth for this generation and the next. It lays out important financial principles that every household should know and embrace. The core content in this course is designed for every family to walk away with an investing strategy in both stocks and crypto so you can start the cycle of intergenerational wealth.

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B is For Black Wealth: A Guide To Generational Wealth

This is a 6-session programming for the Black and Brown people you serve of any age and any stage in life.

  • Asset-based, non shaming financial empowerment programming 
  • 6 session course with 4 wealth building strategies
  • Created for people of multiple generations, including parents, grandparents and children and youth 


  • Budgeting, investing and passive income strategies with step by step instructions
  • A budgeting and savings tool 
  • A Money Maker Personality Profile Quiz 
  • Asset mapping to assess our current wealth sources 
  • Steps to open a brokerage account in order to invest in the stock market
  • Steps to open a decentralized crypto exchange and a self custody crypto wallet to invest in the top crypto currencies

B is for Black Wealth

B is For Black Wealth is an ABC book for children designed to expose them to entrepreneurial concepts and business terminology. This exposure is meant to build confidence in our children while simultaneously educating the adults that love them. This book is intentional about teaching concepts related to group economics, business ownership and financial empowerment. Wealth is often perceived as solely material in nature. However, we define Black Wealth as the intrinsic value within the Black community, our God given gifts and shared cultural experiences. We already have the wealth within us, this piece of art is designed to mobilize our gifts and create Black Wealth.

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